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Consiliul Naţional al ONG din Moldova
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Coaliţia Nediscriminare Moldova
International Platform for Citizen Participation

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Ambasada SUA
Chişinău, Moldova
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Oficiul din Moldova
European Partnership for Democracy Belgia
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Fundaţia SOROS
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Ministerul Tineretului
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Youth in Action Programme - European Commision Youth for Europe
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Last update: 01.09.2014

10 December 2014 - Deadline for application to become EVS coordinator

"MilleniuM" Training and Development Institute, organizaiton with experience in Youth in Action and Erasmus+ Programme is looking for volunteer coordinator.

    Skills/ Aptitudes:
  • good level of Romanian, Russian and English
  • good verbal and non verbal communication skills
  • flexibility
  • proactive and constructive views
  • creativity in solving the conflict situation and stress tolerance
  • team work
  • responsibility
    Is a plus:
  • experience as volunteer in long term EVS project
  • work in NGO experience
  • working in an team of young people
  • participation in international trainings
  • permanent personal and professional development
E-mail your CV and Motivation letter to till 10 of December 2014. Selected candidates will be invited to the interview on 12 of December 2014.

Ex-EVS event 2013, Chisinau "Find your EVS, find yourself"

Starting on the 11th of October, ex-EVS event gathered all recent ex-EVS volunteers from Moldova and Ukraine in a special week-end based on evaluating and sharing experiences, promoting volunteering and having fun.
       The event started with volunteers and trainers meeting at Institutul Muncii: volunteers had a few sessions on evaluation and reflection of their EVS experiences. The volunteers were sharing their cultural experiences and challenges met during their voluntary projects as well as good practices and awesome memories of their EVS!
       Saturday, 12th of October a press conference was organized in order to provide information on EVS to everyone interested. Representatives of Ministry of Youth of Moldova and National Youth Council, as well as SALTO EECA and local host and sending organizations took part in pressconference. Moldovan and Ukrainian ex-volunteers were presenting their experiences to a wider audience and made a lot of youth inspired!
       That same day at 9 pm was the Open-air party at flatspace in the city center. All participants were invited to watch a video of volunteers talking about how EVS changed their lives while drinking tea and making new friends. The event gathered around 50 locals and some international volunteers who had chance to communicate in non-formal atmosphere while listening to music and watching photos of former volunteers. The video was met very warm!
       The next day, former volunteers gathered in front of the Stefan the Great monument to start a City Quest. Three teams competed in order to complete funny tasks like making the exchange process visible in a creative way. All teams had to take pictures of those completed tasks to get letters at the end of the game to reconstitute the words European Voluntary Service. The city quest made a lot of locals asking How are these 25 young people running to find the post office building in order to show what symbolizes the best their sending organization :) What would you be looking for? :)
       Thanks to all participants for your enthusiasm and SALTO EECA for the great initiative !

14 Ianuarie 2013 - Vrei să-ţi valorifici potenţialul? Te aşteptăm la noi în organizaţie!

Institutul de Instruire în Dezvoltare "MilleniuM" anunţă recrutarea de voluntari pentru activităţile organizaţiei.

    Profilul voluntarului:
  • Interesat de cooperarea internaţională între tineri si ONG;
  • Experienţă în domeniul ONG este binevenită;
  • Experienţă în participarea proiectelor de tineret este binevenită
  • Posedarea limbii engleze este un avantaj.
    Sarcinile voluntarului:
  • Asistenţă în managementul organizaţional;
  • Asistenţă în elaborarea şi implementarea proiectelor locale, naţionale şi internaţionale.
    Ce oferim voluntarului:
  • Voluntarii organizaţiei noastre au prioritate pentru participare în proiectele noastre (seminare, traininguri, schimburi de tineret in republică şi peste hotare);
  • Acumularea experienţei în management de oficiu, de proiect şi organizaţional (voluntariatul poate reprezenta un avantaj pentru viitoarele angajări);
  • Comunicarea cu oameni noi şi interesanţi.
        Devin-o partenerul şi prietenul Institutului "MilleniuM" expediind CV-ul şi Scrisoarea de Motivare la adresa pînă pe data de 14 ianuarie 2013.
        Acum e timpul să-ţi valorifici potenţialul!

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